New York ‘Madam’ considers return to UK after trial concludes

THE Scots mother accused of being a New York “madam” has said she will consider returning to the UK after her trial.

Anna Gristina, originally from Kirkliston, who is said to have run a multi-million dollar, high-class prostitution ring, was released from prison last week after a friend paid her £159,000 bail.

The 44-year-old has always denied the charges, saying she was in the match-making business for New York professionals. She and a co-accused, Jaynie Mae Baker, are due back in court next month. If convicted she faces up to seven years in prison.

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Ms Gristina said she was enjoying being back home in Monroe, New York state, and mucking out her pot-bellied pigs.

Her bail conditions include wearing an ankle tag 24 hours a day.

She said once the trial was over she would consider a return to the UK.

One option is taking part in a reality TV show in which she and her family would be followed by cameras as they relocate.

In an interview with US media, she said: “I might elect to go to my homeland.

“I don’t know if I want to live here any more. The justice system is not like it is in Europe, where there’s right and wrong and there’s boundaries.

“Here the district

attorney can pluck you off the street, make an allegation and you’re guilty until proven innocent. You can indict and put a ham sandwich in jail if you choose. It’s not like the UK.”

She spoke of how she “loves my home country” and is “appreciative” of the interest shown in Scotland about her case.

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However, she said if she did return to the UK she would probably settle in London rather than returning to Scotland.

Ms Gristina –known in Edinburgh as Anne Tennant – left Scotland for America at the age of 17 following the death of her father. She was arrested earlier this year following a five-year police investigation into claims she had run a prostitution ring for 15 years.