Motorcycle superhero unmasked after ambush

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A SELF-STYLED superhero has been unmasked after trying to fight off muggers who ­he claims ambushed him and his wife in their car ­outside their Buenos Aires home.

The mystery crimefighter – named Menganno, after his Menganno Moto bike – used to patrol the streets, clad in a Robocop-style suit, helmet and visor.

But yesterday he was exposed as former policeman Oscar Lefosse, 43, after allegedly shooting at three robbers with an unlicensed weapon.

Lefosse spoke of his fury at being unmasked and insisted he used the gun in self-defence, denying, as police claim, that all 14 bullets found at the scene came from his weapon. A picture of his bullet-ridden car has been posted on his Facebook page, which has 33,000 followers.

Police said the father-of-two was being investigated on suspicion of carrying an illegal firearm. Lefosse, who quit the police in 1996 on health grounds, has told officers the muggers opened fire on his Citroen C3 car on Monday night in the suburb of Lanus as he drove into his garage without his superhero suit.

One officer said: “He could have killed a neighbour, an innocent, he’s irresponsible.”

Menganno sprang into action in 2010 after a series of robberies. Last year, he said: “I patrol the city because it’s getting madder and madder and needs someone to protect it. I either die being a hero or live as an accomplice of the criminals with my silence.”

He claimed he only ever carried a pepper spray, torch, handcuffs and compass.