Mohamed Nasheed stays holed up in embassy

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The former president of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, has taken refuge for a second day in the country’s Indian embassy, with his party saying he would not leave the building until the current leader resigns.

Abdul Gafoor, a spokesman for his Maldivian Democratic Party, said Mr Nasheed was in danger and had been urged to stay in the embassy in the capital, Male. “The threat level is high. The party is advising him not to step outside,” Mr Gafoor said.

Mr Nasheed entered the embassy on Wednesday after a court ordered his arrest for not attending a hearing on charges he illegally ordered the detention of a senior judge, a move which led to him being ousted last year. Mr Nasheed says the charges are politically motivated to stop him running for the presidency in September elections.

The government insists the arrest warrant expired on Wednesday night, but Mr Gafoor said the party still feared for Mr Nasheed’s life.