Mauritius capital bit by deadly floods

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At LEAST 11 people have died in flooding in the Mauritian capital Port Louis, officials have said.

Eight of the victims were caught in underground areas as the flood waters, caused by sudden rainfall, rose rapidly.

Another died of a heart attack, the authorities said.

Meteorologists on the island said six inches of rain fell in less than an hour.

Prime minister Navin Rangoolam last night declared today a day of mourning. He said Mauritius was suffering badly “from the effects of climate change”.

Huge traffic jam paralysed much of Port Louis yesterday as commuters attempted to make their way through deep pockets of flooding.

Local resident Ameeksha Dichand told how she had been unable to go outside because it was raining so heavily.

She said: “The roads are blocked and there is mud everywhere. Trees have fallen all over the place.”