Lioness takes pride in record-breaking eight cubs

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A LIONESS has given birth to a record-breaking litter of eight cubs in a Zimbabwean wildlife sanctuary – even though she was on the contraceptive pill.

Pasha the lioness’s cubs are now five weeks old and are being bottle-fed at the Lion and Cheetah Park, Harare’s closest equivalent to a zoo.

They were born on 4 November, but officials only announced the event this week.

The authorities claim the size of the litter is a world record – African lions normally have two to four cubs per litter – and are hoping the cubs will encourage tourists to visit Zimbabwe, long shunned by international visitors because of president Robert Mugabe’s controversial policies.

Meanwhile, experts are trying to work out how Pasha conceived at all since she was put on contraceptives after giving birth to two cubs earlier this year.

“This one is a record. It is an achievement for this lioness,” said Dr Hillary Madzikanda.