Key Taliban warlord killed in ambush

A TALIBAN warlord behind suicide attacks on British troops has been killed during a daring operation in Afghanistan, it was reported today.

The Special Boat Service ambushed Mullah Abdul Matin as he crossed a desert on a motorbike.

He was shot dead by troops from the elite division of the Royal Navy after they were dropped into his path by helicopter.

Reports said Matin opened fire with an AK47 rifle, but was shot dead along with two guards – including key Taliban lieutenant Mullah Karim Agha.

Matin, who was in his 40s, was killed on Monday near Gereshk in Helmand Province.

Matin had been one of the Coalition's top targets in recent months. He and his followers are believed to be responsible for several suicide bomb attacks on British convoys.

His men are thought to have been behind the deaths of Royal Marine Gary Wright, 22, in October 2006, and Sgt Dave Wilkinson, 33, last July, as well as the murders of dozens of Afghan civilians.