Ivic Dacic tells Serbs they were lied to over Kosovo

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SERBIAN prime minister Ivic Dacic has told Serbs “Kosovo is ours” was a lie, in the latest sign of a U-turn by Belgrade.

The Serbian capital is racing to clinch membership talks with the European Union. It does not recognise Kosovo but is under pressure to improve relations with its former province if the EU is to give the green light to accession talks and send a vital message of stability to much-needed foreign investors.

Mr Dacic – who was an aide to late strongman Slobodan Milosevic when Serbia went to war with Nato over Kosovo – is now in talks with its ethnic Albanian leadership, said Serbia had to ­finally define its “real borders”.

He said: “For ten years, Kosovo was taboo. No-one could officially tell the truth. Tales were told; lies were told that Kosovo is ours.”