Egypt: World unites in condemning crackdown

European leaders spoke yesterday about the need for a co-ordinated EU response to the violence in Egypt.

French president François Hollande and German chancellor Angela Merkel spoke by tele­phone and agreed there should be a meeting of foreign ministers next week.

Mr Hollande also spoke with Italian premier Enrico Letta, and they, too, agreed a common EU response was needed. Elsewhere, reaction included:

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TURKEY Officials kept up their criticism of the crackdown, with president Abdullah Gul saying “all that happened in Egypt is a shame for Islam and the Arab world”. Turkey and Egypt recalled their ambassadors for consultations this week.

TUNISIA About 1,500 people flooded the main avenue in central Tunis, shouting support for the Egyptian people, especially supporters of Morsi, and condemning the Egyptian military and the United States. The hour-long protest was peaceful.

GERMANY The foreign ministry urged its citizens not to travel to Egypt, extending a previous warning to include Red Sea beach resorts around Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheik. The government also announced it was suspending €25 million in aid to Egypt for climate and environmental protection projects.

SPAIN The foreign ministry summoned the Egyptian Embassy’s chargé d’affaires to urge Egypt to revoke the state of emergency and rein in its security forces.

SAUDI ARABIA Saudi rulers were less critical. They have given assistance to the government, and the top cleric called on Egyptians to refrain from attacking police, “as they are the ones who protect the country”.