Donald Trump’s Paris tweet sparks Twitter debate

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
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DONALD Trump was once again the focus of social media debate after the US tycoon sent a tweet which appeared to suggest that Paris is in Germany.

The leading Republican candidate to contest the next US Presidential election, who recently threatened to withdraw £700 million of investment in his championship golf courses in Scotland if he is banned from the United Kingdom, tweeted following the news that a man had been shot inside a Paris police station saying “Germany is a total mess-big crime.”

Donald Trump threatens to withdraw £700m Scots investment

The tweet has since become the one of the biggest trending topics on Twitter with many lambasting the business tycoon for his gaffe.

One user posted: “So, Donald Trump believes Paris is a place in Germany. “GET SMART!”, Mr Trump.”

While yet another tweeted: “Trump’s foreign policy, attitude toward minorities, want to build a wall, thinking Paris is in Germany. I get it now. He thinks it’s 1942.”

However not everyone was so quick to believe that Trump was not well versed in European geography, with one user jumping to his defence: “Dont want to be a spoilsport but Im giving Trump benefit of doubt that he knows Paris isnt in Germany. Assume he’s referring to Cologne”