Dehydration killing Somalis in 40C heat

A SEVERE drought is forcing people to survive on about three glasses of water a day for drinking, cooking and washing in southern Somalia, says Oxfam.

Deaths from dehydration are being reported in the region where people have to trek more than 40 miles to replenish water supplies in scorching temperatures of up to 40C, the charity reported.

"The situation will get worse unless swift action is taken," said Mohamed Elmi, Oxfam's regional programme manager.

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He added that people could not survive on so little water in such heat.

The impoverished Somalis need help to survive the drought that has also hit parts of neighbouring Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Tanzania and Burundi.

In its latest report on Somalia, the United Nations said 1.7 million people needed food assistance of some kind in addition to the 410,000 refugees who depend on food aid.