Chinese school knife horror ‘was inspired by Mayan apocalypse fear’

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THIS is the moment when a ­Chinese man, said to have been obsessed with the Mayan prediction of apocalypse tomorrow, attacked primary school children with a knife, before being chased off.

Police yesterday released what they said was CCTV footage of the attack in Chenpeng and said 23 children were wounded, though all survived, when Min Yongjun lashed out at the schoolgates around 7am last Friday morning.

In the video, the suspect is seen running through a gate while chasing after and slashing at a girl, who stumbles but – after he leaves – stands up, picks up her bag and walks away.

Then, dozens of pupils flee through the same gate before adults armed with brooms march in. The man is later seen being chased out of the school.

Officers said Min also attacked his parents and daughters the night before and an elderly woman, whom he stabbed twice after breaking into her home.

State media said Min, 36, wanted to “do things to impress the world” before he died.