Chavez arrives home after further treatment in Cuba

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Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has arrived back home in Caracas after tens days of medical treatment in Cuba.

State television showed him arriving at Caracas airport and walking down the steps of the presidential jet wearing a tracksuit.

Mr Chavez laughed as he chatted with members of his cabinet including vice-president Nicolas Maduro.

The president travelled to Cuba on the night of 27 November after announcing plans to undergo hyperbaric oxygen treatment in Havana, which helps tissue repair.

He did not mention his health, instead focusing on his elation at being back on home turf.

“I’m very happy, as you all can see, to be arriving here again,” he said. “Very happy.” He added that Thursday marked two months since his 7 October re-election victory.

Mr Chavez, 58, underwent surgery for cancer in June last year in Cuba and had further surgery in February.