Blasphemy claim against ambassador

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Pakistani police have registered an accusation from a businessman that the country’s ambassador to the United States had committed blasphemy, a crime that carries the death penalty.

The accusation against ambassador Sherry Rehman is the latest in a string of blasphemy cases in Pakistan, a largely Muslim nation.

Ms Rehman has already faced death threats from militants after calling for reforms to the country’s anti-blasphemy law, according to court documents. Two politicians who suggested reform were assassinated.

The case against Ms Rehman was brought by businessman Muhammad Faheem Gill, who said that the comments Ms Rehman made about the law on a Pakistani talk TV show in 2010 were blasphemous.

“I’ve gone to the highest court. I’m glad that action will finally be taken now,” Mr Gill said.

He went to the supreme court with his complaint after police refused to register it.