Archaeologists baffled by skeletons find

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Israeli archaeologists are scratching their heads over a possible 8,500-year-old murder mystery after discovering two skeletons at the bottom of a well.

Flint sickle blades and arrowheads found in the 26-foot-deep stone age well in the Jezreel Valley in Israel’s Galilee region, suggest it was used by the area’s first farmers.

But archaeologists cannot explain why the skeletal remains of a woman, believed by archaeologists to have been aged about 19, and those of an older man were also uncovered deep inside the now-dry well.

“How did these come to be in the well? Was this an accident or perhaps murder? The answer to this question remains a mystery,” the Israel Antiquities Authority said.

Yotam Tepper, who led the excavation, said the well was no longer used after the pair fell into it.