America visit: Nicola Sturgeon to underline Scotland's key interests in global issues during US trip

The First Minister is set to discuss the pandemic, the cost of living crisis and Ukraine during her trip across the pond next week.

Ahead of her trip, Nicola Sturgeon said she is “determined” Scotland will continue to be “a good global citizen”, adding the Scottish Government will continue to make a “constructive contribution” in addressing global issues.

The First Minister will take part in a range of engagements focused on the issues of climate, energy security and the war in Ukraine.

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Her visit includes a keynote speech at the Brookings Institution in Washington DC.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will discuss the pandemic, the cost of living crisis and Ukraine during her trip to America next week (Photo: Jane Barlow).

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Ms Sturgeon will also meet with key congressional groups and discuss ways to create a greener, fairer and more equitable economy with executives of companies operating across the Atlantic.

Scotland’s First Minister said: “The COVID-19 pandemic and the climate and biodiversity emergencies prove in the starkest possible way that we live in an interconnected world and it is more important than ever that Scotland plays its part. The crisis in Ukraine underlines how interconnected these challenges are, and all countries have a role to play in meeting them.

“We are determined that Scotland continues to be a good global citizen, making a constructive contribution to addressing global challenges such as climate change.

“Our international activity creates opportunities at home, broadens our horizons, attracts high-quality investment and ultimately benefits our people - no more evident than in Scotland’s longstanding relationship and strong trade ties with the USA, which this visit will build upon further.

“By being open and connected and making a positive contribution internationally, we give ourselves the greatest possible chance of building a successful country. In this way we can make a contribution to the world that is welcomed, valued and helps us all.”

The visit follows the launch of Scotland’s Global Affairs Framework, which sets out the values, principles and priorities underpinning the Scottish Government’s work to become more active internationally.

Reflecting on the impacts of Brexit, COVID-19, the climate crisis and the invasion of Ukraine, the Global Affairs Framework outlines key areas of focus such as global citizenship, maintaining close relations with the EU, gender equality, and respect for human rights.

However, the Scottish Conservatives have claimed the framework “promotes a preference for Scottish independence in several places”.

Donald Cameron, Scottish Conservative Shadow Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution said: “Just a few days after the local elections and Nicola Sturgeon has already abandoned local issues to jet off on an ‘indy tour’ to the United States.

“The vast majority of Scots don’t want a referendum on Nicola Sturgeon’s timeline, yet instead of focusing on the issues Scots really care about the First Minister would rather promote independence abroad at the taxpayer’s expense.

“The Scottish public will be outraged to see the First Minister taking her eye off the ball so soon after local elections – not to mention furious at this waste of taxpayer money in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis.

“Nicola Sturgeon should be focusing on tackling her government’s woeful record here at home, instead of taking the SNP’s obsession with independence on tour.”


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