'Adorable' choirboy in France kills his parents and brother

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A FRENCH choirboy has massacred his family with his father’s hunting rifle while the animated film Shrek played in the background.

Pierre Folliot, 14, shot dead his mother, father and four-year-old brother and seriously injured his sister, Marion, 12, at their home in Ancourteville-sur-Hericourt, a village 30 miles north-west of Rouen in northern France.

He then rode his bicycle for ten miles before stopping at a phone box to call police. He was arrested shortly afterwards.

Investigators said the teenager had confessed to the murders, giving a detailed description of his actions "coldly and without tears".

"I have been involved in the world of crime for 31 years and I have never seen anything like it," said the public prosecutor assigned to the case.

Folliot told police he was at home alone on Wednesday afternoon doing his homework. His mother, Lydie, had gone out with his brother, Louis, and his sister, Marion, was at a swimming lesson.

"It came over me suddenly," he told police. "It had been going round in my head for several days and then, at that moment, I had to do it."

The boy told investigators he seized his father’s hunting rifle, went to a garden shed where the ammunition was kept and loaded the gun before returning to the house. He put on the Shrek video and watched it while waiting for his mother to return.

When Ms Folliot walked into the house at about 3pm, her son shot her dead. He then took his young brother upstairs and gave him crayons and colouring books to keep him occupied while he went back downstairs and dragged his mother’s body into the toilet.

When his sister arrived he stopped her from going into the toilet then followed her as she fled into the kitchen and shot her. Believing her to be dead he turned his attention to his little brother, who was screaming from the top of the stairs. Folliot shot him dead.

Marion, who had been shot in one lung, managed to lock herself into the bathroom, where she discovered her mother’s body.

Folliot went back out to the shed to get more ammunition and then sat down on the sofa to watch more of Shrek as he waited for his father, Thierry, to come home. As his father set foot in the house, Folliot shot him twice, killing him.

The teenager then took his mother’s cheque book, locked the house and threw the keys into the swimming pool. He cycled towards Cany-Barville, unaware that his sister was still alive.

She raised the alarm, and when the boy called the police they had already been alerted by his sister.

The teenager did not confess to the killings but said he believed something serious had happened in the house because he had glimpsed his father’s body lying on the hall floor.

Police kept him talking until they were able to determine the location of the phone box and arrest him.

Psychiatrists said the boy appeared coherent and sane. and tests showed no presence of drugs. Unable to give a reason for the massacre, the boy said he was in conflict with his mother, whom he considered too strict.

Neighbours described him as "a model child", "an angel" and "adorable" with "no history of any trouble".