700,000 Argentinians take to streets in anti-government protest

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Argentinians of all ages flooded the capital’s streets for nearly four hours to protest against president Cristina Fernandez in Argentina’s biggest anti-government demonstration in years on Thursday night.

In a march organised on ­social media, an estimated 700,000 demonstrators filled the Plaza de Mayo in front of the pink presidential palace chanting: “We’re not afraid.”

Toddlers and grandparents were among the masses that marched through Buenos Aires until nearly midnight.

Ms Fernandez’s critics are angry about the country’s high inflation, violent crime and high-profile corruption, and many worry that the president will try to hold onto power by scrapping the limit on how many constitutional terms are served.

“I came to protest against everything that I don’t like about this government and I don’t like a single thing starting with [the president’s] arrogance,” said Marta Morosini, 74.

“This government is just a bunch of hooligans.”