12 die after bus and lorry crash in mountains

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At LEAST 12 people died when a bus and a truck collided in a mountainous part of the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz, emergency services have said.

The accident happened yesterday near the town of Naolinco. The bus is understood to have tumbled around 300 metres down a hill after being struck by a truck.

Twelve people were announced dead at the scene of the crash. Another 15 passengers were injured, a local official said.

Emergency services believe there were 27 people travelling on board the bus at the time of the accident.

They warned that some of the passengers taken for hospital treatment were “seriously 

The crash occurred at a bend in the road in foggy conditions.Preliminary evidence suggested the driver of the truck that hit the bus fled the scene.

Authorities are still trying to trace the occupants of that vehicle. Fatal traffic accidents are common on Mexican roads, claiming hundreds of lives a year, transport officials said.

Last April at least 43 people were killed when a cargo truck hit a bus in Veracruz state.

Naolinco is a city in Veracruz, named after Guadalupe Victoria.