Workmen rip-up new pavement over stones blunder

Lady Road is dug up after 12mm chips were used instead of 6mm. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Lady Road is dug up after 12mm chips were used instead of 6mm. Picture: Ian Georgeson
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Bungling workmen have been forced to rip up a freshly-laid pavement and start again after the wrong size of chips was used.

Contractor O’Connor Utilities dug up walkways at Lady Road and Ross Road, near Cameron Toll, as part of work to install fibre optic cabling for a utility company a few weeks ago.

However, the workmen have been out in force again because the chips used in the tarmac measured 12 millimetres – instead of six millimetres as required by the city council.

Bosses at the council said the work was “completely unacceptable” and ordered it to be redone.

Neighbours in the streets, however, called the replacement work a waste of money.

Lady Road resident Michael Gage, 50, said: “It’s ridiculous that the workmen have had to take the tarmac off because the chips were the wrong size. It’s the height of stupidity.

“Just leave it, there are plenty of other surfaces around town that need to be redone.”

Contractors were carrying out the replacement work at Lady Road on Tuesday and are expected to move on to Ross Road, where similar work is required.

Another Lady Road resident said: “I find the whole situation just extraordinary – what an incredible waste of money. The wrong size of chips have been used, but who cares?

“A workman told me yesterday that the seal around the edge of the tarmac wasn’t good enough either, but it still doesn’t look as if it has been done right.

“To be honest, it doesn’t look any better than it did before.”

It is understood the cost of redoing the work will fall to the contractor, with the council facing no extra costs.

Ian Paterson, 78, a retired geologist, said: “One of the workmen told me that the work would have to be redone because the stones were too large. I can’t see why it matters because the work on the pavement is still going to be pretty conspicuous.”

A spokesman for Manchester-based O’Connor said the workmen were carrying out “remedial work”, but declined to comment further on the issue.

Newington councillor Cameron Rose admitted having the work redone was a problem for residents, but argued that the job should have been done properly. “All too often, resurfacing work results in a poor surface,” he said. “At least with this decision the contractors have been sent back to do the job properly. Having pavements and roads dug up again causes inconvenience to us all.”

A council spokesman said: “The initial work carried out by the contractors was completely unacceptable as there were a number of faults. We have asked them to correct these so the work is of an acceptable standard.”