Worker stole from boss to pay off debts

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A POST Office manageress 
embezzled thousands of pounds to pay off debts and then tried to convince her boss she had thrown out the money by 

Elaine Murray, 44, a mother-of-three, was given six weeks to repay £6,000 to Innes Macdonald, who owns the Kinmylies Post Office and stores in 

Sheriff Margaret Neilson, 
sitting at Inverness Sheriff Court, was told that her family have helped raise the funds to repay her former boss.

She told Murray: “This was a gross breach of trust. I expect full restitution to be made to your former employer within six weeks when you will come back here to be sentenced. But it will be a stark choice of custody or a direct alternative to it.”

Mr Macdonald also plans to take civil action against Murray to recover another £16,000, which he says his former 
employee embezzled from him.

He insists his books show that almost £22,000 had been taken.

Afterwards, Mr Macdonald said: “I didn’t expect to get any money back, so I suppose that is a bonus. But it will all go to the Post Office because that is round about what is left to pay.

“It is a farce because I am over £16,000 out of pocket.”