Women on Malaga hen party hell flight ‘were from Falkirk’

A flight to Malaga had to be diverted after a fight erupted when a drunk pestered women in a hen party - who are understood to be from Falkirk.

The potentially dangerous incident on the flight from Prestwick Airport is claimed to have spiralled out of control to the extent that cabin crew had to ask passengers for help.

The flight pilot made the critical decision to head for Madrid airport and safety, and Spanish police were given advance warning to expect trouble.

The airborne emergency reportedly began after a boozed-up passenger started to annoy women who we are reliably informed are from this area.

They are said to have been in high spirits, singing and enjoying themselves, before a drunk began to harass them.

As tempers frayed and others intervened two men were claimed to be trading punches in the aisle in what was said to be “a full fist fight”.

It’s claimed the rear of the plane was “in chaos” for at least 20 minutes.

Ryanair has said the crew summoned police aid on landing at Madrid, and that one individual was removed and detained.

The airline says it won’t tolerate disruptive or dangerous behaviour, and that safety is its top priority.