Woman used first-aid on Edinburgh murder trial man

The High Court in Edinburgh. Picture: TSPL
The High Court in Edinburgh. Picture: TSPL
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A WOMAN used her first-aid training to try to help a man found injured in a park, a murder trial jury heard.

Anne-Marie Hoy, 53, was walking to work in a care home beside Saughton Park, Edinburgh, when a dog-walker alerted her to the man lying near a private hire car with the driver’s door open and the engine running.

“He was on his back, staring at the sky. His eyes were open but he was not blinking,” said Mrs Hoy.

The man’s clothes were torn and he was bleeding at the head and from a wound to his groin. She spoke to him and blew gently into his eyes, and pinched his ear but there was no response. She administered chest compressions and continued after a paramedic arrived and attended to the leg injury. However, a point came when she and others who were assisting were asked to move away from the man.

“The paramedic had said the man was dead,” Mrs Hoy told the High Court in Edinburgh.

She added that there had been car tyre marks in the grass where the man lay.

Stephen Nolan, 48, of Redhall Place, Edinburgh, denies murdering Ebrahim Aryaei Nekoo, 41, of Carrick Knowe Hill, Edinburgh, on 24 March last year at a car parking area at the Fords Road entrance to Saughton Park.

It is alleged that Nolan repeatedly drove a vehicle at Mr Aryaei Nekoo and struck him on the body, and drove over him.

Earlier that day, it is claimed, he shouted at Mr Aryaei Nekoo and adopted an aggressive and intimidating manner towards him at a petrol station near the park.

In a previous incident, the indictment alleges, Nolan drove in front of his vehicle and caused the two cars to collide.

Nolan also pleads not guilty to other charges, including assaulting and meanacing a motorist, and threatening a fellow taxi driver and putting him in a state of fear and alarm for his safety.

The trial continues.