Woman stole life savings of Arran pensioner in her care

A WOMAN who stole £9,000 from a pensioner under her care is now selling her home to repay the cash.

Anne McConnell has been ordered to repay the money she stole. Picture: Watchtower
Anne McConnell has been ordered to repay the money she stole. Picture: Watchtower

Anne McConnell told police she took the 80-year-old women’s life savings because she was going through the menopause and needed the money for mortgage payments.

The 51-year-old told officers she hoped her brother, Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale, the former First Minister, would help her.

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However, her solicitor said he and other relatives were not prepared to offer any money.

McConnell is now facing up to a year in jail for stealing the money from the elderly woman while employed as her carer on the North Ayrshire island of Arran.

McConnell took Janet Noteman’s bank card and Pin number and go off on sick leave before taking the money from her account. When the pensioner noticed the money was gone, her new carer contacted the police. She had earlier pleaded guilty to stealing the money between February and August last year and sentence was deferred for her to be assessed by social workers.

At Kilmarnock Sheriff Court yesterday, her solicitor, Peter Lockhart, told the court Jack and other family members had refused to help her with the money she owed and that she was having to sell her house as a result.

He explained: “In her police interview the police officer said to her that she had made a comment that she would get the money back from her brother.

“She said, ‘I just meant I would ask if he’d help out to get the money back’. He asked, ‘Have you spoken to Jack in relation to this?’ She replied, ‘No, not yet’.

“As far as the family are concerned they are supportive but they are not in a position, nor are they prepared, to pay this money.”

Mr Lockhart said McConnell accepted she has committed a “despicable offence” and that it “beggars belief” she stole the money as she was a “caring individual.” He said she had “scrimped and saved” to pay back £1650 so far.

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Sheriff Elizabeth McFarlane deferred sentence for three months, telling McConnell: “I want it repaid in full to the bank or whoever by the time I see you in three months, is that clear?”

McConnell replied: “Yes.”