Woman admits obtaining sex with male disguise

The High Court in Edinburgh. Picture: Bill Henry
The High Court in Edinburgh. Picture: Bill Henry
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A WOMAN has admitted obtaining sexual favours from teenage girls by pretending to be a boy.

Christine Wilson, 25, had been confused about her sexuality since childhood and acted and presented herself as a male, a court heard.

One of her victims thought she had lost her virginity to Wilson, only to discover that it had not been true sexual intercourse.

Wilson had dissuaded a second victim from touching her intimately, stating: “I’m a giver, not a taker.”

In what a judge described as “obviously an unusual case”, Wilson, of Aberdeen, pleaded guilty to two charges of obtaining sexual intimacy by fraud. She will be sentenced next month. She was put on the sex offenders’ register.

The High Court in Edinburgh was told that by her own admission, Wilson had experienced confusion about her sexuality and had presented as a boy. Currently, she lived with a female partner and was unemployed. She was now on a gender reassignment programme.

The advocate-depute, Jane Farquharson, said Wilson was 21 but pretended to be 17 when she met a 15-year-old girl through a mutual friend, and they exchanged telephone numbers. Like the girl, her parents and brother believed Wilson to be a boy. Their relationship became physical, at the girl’s home and in sand dunes at Balmedie Beach, near Aberdeen.

“Initially, this contact is described as kissing and cuddling, but things progressed...when the complainer tried to reciprocate this affection and made to touch what she thought would be the accused’s penis, she was discouraged. The accused explained to her, ‘I’m a giver, not a taker’, “ said Ms Farquharson.

There had been rumours that Wilson was female, but the girl refused to believe the gossip until someone sent her a copy of Wilson’s passport.

“When faced with the reality of her situation, she cried and said she felt dirty. She recalls bathing and showering several times in the course of that day. She confronted the accused who at first denied she was female. Later that day, however, the accused admitted to her pretence. She explained she was seeing a counsellor, that she should be a boy, and tried to convince the complainer that their relationship was quite natural. The complainer could not accept this and ended their relationship,” added Ms Farquharson.

The second girl was also 15, although she told Wilson she was 16. Wilson was 23. They met at an amusement park in Aberdeen, and began going out together. They became intimate.

“Both removed their lower clothing in the dark. The complainer believed she was having sexual intercourse with the accused. She felt what she thought was a penis inside her vagina but it was, in fact, a vibrator. This was her first experience of what she thought had been sexual intercourse and both declared their love for each other. She felt having had sex with the accused made their relationship stronger,” said Ms Farquharson.

The same thing happened on a second occasion, but the girl’s parents found out and tried to put a stop to the relationship. Wilson learned the girl was under age, and she agreed there would be no further sexual contact, and told the girl their relationship could not continue. The girl had been “besotted” with Wilson and struggled to accept it was over, and went to Wilson’s home. She became ill and Wilson called an ambulance and went with the girl to hospital and contacted her parents.

Later, police visited the girl and confirmed to her that Wilson was female.

“This news shocked and upset her. She found it difficult to believe it was true. She struggled to come to terms with the deceit. The accused is described as her ‘first love.’ Both complainers honestly believed that they were in a relationsip with a boy,” said Ms Farquharson.

Wilson had confessed to the police and showed remorse at the end of her interview, the court heard.