Woman accuses Clarks of anti-Scottish ‘discrimination’ after job application

Clarks Shoes
Clarks Shoes
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A woman has accused a company of anti-Scottish discrimination after inadvertently receiving an email about her job application for a role with the firm.

Dawn Scott applied for a position as a customer care agent for Clarks Shoes - but received an email back from recruiters that said: “Invite? She’s Scottish mind you... think twice.”

She was told by the company that it was a “poor joke”.

Dawn publicly posted the email on the official Clarks Shoes Facebook group.

She said: “I have never been so offended as I was after receiving an email back from one of your recruitment managers regarding a job I applied for in one of your stores.

“I expect so much more from a company like Clarks. This is a form of discrimination and a form of racism,

“I emailed to ask what was meant by this comment and I was told it was a poor joke! Truly disgusting!”

Clarks Shoes said it had apologised to Dawn and had invited her to an interview.

A Clarks spokeswoman said: “Clarks is deeply concerned by this situation. Although the email was sent in error and was a poor attempt at a joke by a member of staff, who is herself Scottish, to the intended recipient, this was totally unacceptable and we understand the offence caused.

“We have spoken directly with the candidate to apologise and to express our sincere regret. We have also reiterated our desire for her to come in for an interview with us, which unfortunately she has declined.”

She added: “We have addressed this directly with the colleague concerned and we will be working with the team to ensure that this unfortunate occurrence does not happen again.

“At Clarks we expect all employees to treat others fairly, with dignity and respect. We recruit and promote people following fair process using established criteria to measure skills, knowledge, behaviours and experience. Selection decisions are based solely on merit, aptitude and ability, and we never knowingly discriminate on any grounds.”