Witness saw accused make murder threat

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A MAN has told a court he saw a murder accused threaten to kill his alleged victim whilst holding a knife.

Patryk Kobylinski, 24, told the High Court in Edinburgh that he witnessed Gregorz Gamla tell Maciej Ciania, 35, to “shut up. I will f****** kill you” during an incident at a house in the Capital in December last year.

Speaking through a Polish interpreter, Mr Kobylinski told the court that Mr Gamla was holding a “dagger” when he was making the alleged threat.

He told the court the menaces were made after an alleged confrontation in which Mr Gamla, a prisoner of HMP Edinburgh, allegedly assaulted Mr Ciania.

Mr Koblyinski was giving evidence on the first day of the trial of Gregorz Gamla, who denies assaulting Mr Ciania between November and December 2011 and murdering him between January and 
February 2012.

It is also alleged that Mr Gamla then travelled to Stranraer, boarded a ferry to Belfast and then travelled to Dublin, where he caught a flight to Poland.

The trial before judge Lord Pentland continues.