Wind farm raises home value fears

RESIDENTS living near a proposed wind farm in Midlothian fear their properties will drop in value as a result of the development.

The controversial plans to erect 18 wind turbines at a popular beauty spot at Auchencorth Moss, near Penicuik - on a country estate owned by Sir Robert Clerk - are designed to provide an alternative source of power for 22,000 homes.

But local residents are up in arms about the project, and Midlothian Council has been swamped with objections to power giant E.ON.UK's planning application.

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Property expert Simon Fairclough, from the Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre, said: "Wind farms are an interesting concept - as a source of science fiction fantasy - but also undisputedly as an industrial facility.

"Agreeing to build a wind farm within sight or hearing of a residence will have an impact on the likely resale value of the property. Would the siting of a wind farm be likely to enhance the value? The answer is no."