Widow of murdered banker speaks out about family’s need for answers

Veronica Wilson appeals for information about death of her husband, Alistair Wilson,Photo: Danny Lawson/PA
Veronica Wilson appeals for information about death of her husband, Alistair Wilson,Photo: Danny Lawson/PA
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Police investigating the murder of a banker 13 years ago have recovered two guns similar to the one used in the killing.

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Alistair Wilson, Photo: PA Wire

Alistair Wilson, Photo: PA Wire

Alistair Wilson was shot on his doorstep in Nairn on 28 November 2004 after being handed an envelope by his attacker.

Marking the 13th anniversary of Mr Wilson’s death, police said two guns had been found in the Highland town which bore similarities to the murder weapon.

The pistol used in the shooting – a Haenel Schmeisser 6.35mm manufactured in Germany between 1922 and 1930 – was found in a drain in December 2004.

Police Scotland said two similar guns were recovered from separate addresses in Nairn last year. One of these was an identical make and model and was handed in following a house clearance in August 2016. The other, a Melior Brevets handgun, was handed in to police in May last year.

While the guns are not linked to the murder, police are keen to speak to anyone who had a gun like this in the past.

It is thought the weapons may have been brought back to Scotland following the Second World War.

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The new detail came as Mr Wilson’s widow said her husband’s murder had cast a “dark shadow” over the family.

In a statement released through the police, Veronica Wilson said: “It would mean the world to us to have Alistair’s killer brought to justice. As a family, it has been difficult to understand why someone would do this to Alistair and it has been a dark shadow over us for the past 13 years.

“Alistair was a loving, caring husband and father and nothing will ever change that. We cherish the time we had together, which for our boys was cruelly short. We will always remain hopeful that the person who killed Alistair will be caught and I would urge anyone who has information to come forward.”

Police said another line of inquiry was an empty turquoise-coloured envelope handed to Mr Wilson with the name Paul on it. The envelope has never been recovered.

Detective Superintendent Gary Cunningham said: “Recently we have seen a number of theories and rumours put forward about the motive behind Alistair Wilson’s murder. Our investigation has previously looked into these theories. As part of a thorough ongoing investigation we have to remain open-minded and will continue to review all possible scenarios.

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“Additionally, we constantly review advances in forensic science. There has been significant investment in improving our DNA technologies in the last few years. With the advent of DNA24, we are now obtaining DNA profiles from items which, when previously tested, had not produced a profile.

“The passage of time can lead to significant changes in people’s associations. Those who may have been reluctant to come forward with information years ago, for whatever reason, may be more willing to do so now.”

He added: “Someone out there knows why Alistair was killed and who was involved in his murder and I would appeal to them to come forward.”