Widow: ‘Husband turned away despite chest pains’

Barabara Moran. Picture: Robert Ormerod
Barabara Moran. Picture: Robert Ormerod
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A DEVASTATED widow has claimed her husband was turned away from his doctors’ surgery after complaining of chest pains – two days before he died from a heart attack.

Barbara Moran said her husband Michael was fixing a car tyre when he “keeled over” in crippling pain on January 28, leading a friend to drop the 48-year-old off at the Craigmillar Medical Group GP surgery, where he was a patient.

Michael Moran

Michael Moran

Mr Moran was seen entering and leaving the surgery, according to Mrs Moran, but records show that he never saw a doctor and she claims her husband said “they wouldn’t give me an appointment” shortly after leaving.

He passed away two days later after suffering a heart attack, and, despite holding meetings with the surgery, Mrs Moran says she has yet to be given an adequate explanation for her husband’s mystery visit to the GP.

And despite Mrs Moran saying she was happy for health authorities to discuss the case in public, the GP practice declined to discuss it with the Evening News on the grounds of patient 

Mrs Moran, of Niddrie, said she has been told that reception staff at the surgery have no recollection of Mr Moran’s visit and that CCTV footage, which would have been likely to solve the puzzle, has been recorded over.

She said: “His best friend dropped him off and my sister was waiting outside when he left, so I know he was in there.

“The doctor said they would have saved his life if he’d been seen, which just makes it harder. If he went in there and asked for an appointment, he should have been given one.

“He was never one for going to the doctors all of the time, but he was in that much pain that he wouldn’t have cared who he saw. I don’t think they did their job properly.”

Mr Moran had a history of ill health, including problems with his heart and circulation, Mrs Moran said.

She said her husband’s passing had brought back painful memories of the death of her son, Michael, almost a decade ago when he was 16. Michael died from an “adult cot death” shortly after he suffered a neck injury after playing 

Mrs Moran said: “It still hurts to this day and I feel I’ve got to get answers and some closure. My husband was a lovely person, I was married for 30 years which shows how much I loved him.

“He had 500 people at his funeral, people said there was nobody left in Craigmillar. He loved his kids and he loved me.”

Mrs Moran had signed an NHS Lothian form giving permission to discuss the case despite rules of patient confidentiality. However, the health board said it would not be able to give details as GPs are classed as independent contractors.

A spokeswoman for Craigmillar Medical Group said: “We are duty bound by rules of patient confidentiality and so I am afraid that we cannot discuss the matter further.”