Why was Edinburgh full of smoke?

A PALL of smoke drifting through the streets of the Capital caused widespread confusion.

Clouds of smoke were visible on the Pentlands. Picture: John McPartlin

The smoke was thick and strong-smelling, sparking several calls to emergency services from alarmed residents.

Fire crews were later able to confirm that the smoke was billowing from land in the Pentlands but only after an investigation to pinpoint the source.

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A spokesman from the fire service said the smoke had been coming in after “controlled burning” from a farmer in the Pentlands.

“It’s caused a bit of confusion and we have had a few calls,” he added.

People reported smoke as far afield as Murrayfield, the bypass at Baberton, West Edinburgh and Trinity as the wind carried it across the city.

The smoke led to a flurry of comments on social media as people tried to work out where the fire had started.

Harris @Harris_Morrison tweeted that there was “strong smell of smoke here at the Western General,” while

Gillian @carnies_mot said: “Any idea where the stinky smoke by Murrayfield is coming from? #Edinburgh #smelly.”

Darren Black @dazb1985 tweeted: “Where’s all this smoke coming from in west edinburgh??? it’s stinking”, while Bombskare @B0MBSKARE wondered if there was a fire in the west side of the city.