Where you should go if you have an accident

• Emergency ambulances and calling 999: If you think your life is in danger.

• Accident and emergency: Based at the ERI and St John's Hospital in Livingston, this is designed for health problems that are "urgent and emergencies".

• NHS 24: Both the website and the phoneline (08454 24 24 24) can be used as a first port of call. Available 24/7.

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• Minor injuries unit: Based at the Western General Hospital. Open from 8am to 9pm every day. Offers treatment for a wide range of injuries, such as cuts, burns, sprains, and simple fractures for patients aged over one year. X-rays for patients aged 12 years and over.

• General community pharmacies: Expert advice on health and nutrition, including help with smoking and drinking problems. Opening times vary.

• New Pharmore pharmacies: To deal with minor illnesses and injuries, ranging from allergies to chest pains.