Wheel back on roll after vandalism repair work

THE Falkirk Wheel is due to reopen today following a two-week closure to allow for £350,000-worth of repair work.

The wheel, which cost 17 million to build, was badly damaged by vandals who flooded its unique canal boat lift back in April.

Police have also renewed their appeal for information on who was responsible for forcing open the wheel’s bolted gates, allowing millions of gallons of water to cascade over the 115ft structure.

Repair work has included the replacement of a series of locks and electrical wiring.

The vandalism delayed the wheel’s public opening by a month and software glitches have caused several other closures .

And although now open, British Waterways has said the wheel will have to close again in a few months’ time for further checks.

The huge wheel, which has attracted 230,000 visitors so far, is the world’s only revolving boat lift and reconnects a canal link between Edinburgh and Glasgow that was severed 40 years ago after 200 years’ use. Its construction also marked the completion of the now restored Scottish canal network.

The Scottish Executive recently announced it will increase funding to British Waterways to help cover the cost of repairs .