What happened to Gourock's '˜infamous' Big Yellow Kettle?

The Glasgow Garden Festival in 1988 is remembered fondly by many with creations designed specifically for the occasion, however, in Inverclyde, there was one that divided opinion.

The Big Yellow Kettle in Gourock. Picture; Google.
The Big Yellow Kettle in Gourock. Picture; Google.

The Yellow Kettle in Gourock, sometimes referred to as the Big Yellow Kettle, was shipped to Gourock in 1994, where it remained for three years in an attempt to draw tourists into the town.

The kettle, which prompted significant debate, was attached to the Tourist Information office in the town and was a landmark that divided the community.

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While others loved the kettle for being a tourist attraction and a quirk of the coastal town, some were not fond of what was deemed an ‘eyesore’ that stood out for all the wrong reasons.

However, while the kettle did divide opinions, the creation was quickly forgotten by most when it was removed after three years in the town as part of a revamp.

Numerous forums about Glasgow’s past have sought answers about the Yellow Kettle, with many sharing images to try and find out what happened to the sculpture.

Initially it was believed that the kettle was moved to a council storage unit where it was to be revamped, but the reality of the kettle is significantly bleaker.

Falling into disrepair (with legend stating that the roof blew off) the kettle was removed from the Gourock pier and dismantled.

Although the kettle that aimed to put Gourock on the map is not fondly remembered by all, almost twenty years on, it is still a talking point.

Mission accomplished.