What are the most popular first names among elderly Scots?

Ladies laughing at a Contact the Elderly tea party. Picture: Contributed.
Ladies laughing at a Contact the Elderly tea party. Picture: Contributed.
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NEW research has found the most common first names among Scotland’s care home residents.

Mary and James were found to be the most popular names among Scotland’s elderly population in the study.
In the same week a list of all the names given to babies born in Scotland last year was published - including Bowie, Corryvreckan, Maverick and Rogue - a new list shows the most popular first names among Scotland’s older generations.

Abraham, Andrewina, Williamina and Cornelius were among the more unusual names given - according to a survey of almost 3,000 people in elderly care homes run by BUPA in Scotland.

National Records of Scotland figures revealed that in 2015, Jack was the top choice for a boy and Emily for a girl.

Mary and James did not appear in the top 10 names for babies born last year.

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Also among the most popular names for elderly people in Scotland were Margaret and Agnes and William and Robert.

Care home staff managers say the contrast between the two lists clearly shows a generational change in naming habits

Kirsty Dace, Area Director of Bupa Care Homes Scotland, said: “It’s fantastic to have an insight to the many names of all of our residents across Scotland as it provides a real picture to the naming habits of yesteryear.

“The findings provide the most telling example of our changing times – and what is now considered old-fashioned when it comes to a first name.

“It was very interesting to compare and contrast how many names occurred most frequently and some of the more unique names too.

“Our residents were also eager to see where they placed on the list and if their name was one of the more popular choices.”

This week the NRS revealed the various unique boys and girls names in Scotland 2015.

Among the names for girls includes the Game of Thrones-inspired Khaleesi, as well as Wolf, Avana-Solaris and December-Lee. The list for boys featured Thor, Sonnyboy, Tennessee, Pepper and Bully.

Tim Ellis, Chief Executive of National Records of Scotland, has commented on the unique findings, saying: “I am pleased this latest publication has ignited the public interest.”

He added: “As you might expect, there has been less fluctuation in surnames, with Smith, Brown and Wilson the most common three surnames every year over the period covered.”


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