Welcome to '˜Edingborough'

A bizarre misspelling of a road sign that included the word '˜Edinburgh' has left housing developer red-faced.

Welcome to Edinburgh sign.
Welcome to Edinburgh sign.

The miss-spelt ‘Edingborough Road’ sign, that was put up in the Derbyshire village of Church Gresley a week ago was erected to make it clearer to motorists where Edinburgh Road finished and Suffolk Way began.

Mark Jacobs, 36, moved into the road two years ago and owns the house where the sign is located.

The IT architect said: “I’m amazed how the sign got past so many people without them noticing the mistake.

“Even the guy that installed the sign didn’t notice it, I know it’s not his job to check the spelling but you would assume they would double check first.

“As soon as we pulled off the drive that day we saw it and my wife, Suzie, 36, and I couldn’t believe it.

“Suzie posted a picture on Twitter and we did get a response from the surfacing company, it is supposed to be sorted with 14 days but we are yet to believe that.

“It’s not the first time they have got the road name wrong either, there’s a sign at the end of the street that is also spelt incorrectly, they have changed that sign twice now and they still haven’t got it right.”

John Reddington, managing director at David Wilson East Midlands, said: “We are aware of the issue with the street sign at our Castle Heights development. We are in the process of getting this corrected and would like to advise residents that this will be rectified within 14 days.”

It is not the first time designers have been left embarrassed by a road sign in the area.

In August last year, Derbyshire County Council put up signs near the A38 pointing motorists to ‘Eggington’ when in fact the correct spelling of the village is Egginton.