This is when heavy rain will hit Scotland again

After last night's heavy rain across the Central Belt, Scotland has dried up once more, but when will the wet weather return?

Glasgow may have seen the last of the sunshine for a while (Photo: Shutterstock)
Glasgow may have seen the last of the sunshine for a while (Photo: Shutterstock)

Temperatures are still high in Scotland today (Friday 27 July), but we may have seen the last of the sunshine for a while, according to the Met Office.

A wet Saturday and Sunday in the Central Belt

Edinburgh’s soaring temperatures (peaking at 26C) will drop down to around 20C tonight as cloud cover rolls over the clear skies. Heavy rain and thunderstorms in the small hours of tomorrow will continue to bring the temperature down, making for a slightly cooler and rainy weekend in the capital, with some sunny intervals.

Thunderstorms are expected all across the country this weekend (Photo: Shutterstock)

In the west, Glasgow is already cloudy, with maximum temperatures of around 22C. Heavy showers are expected to begin at around 8pm, turning into heavy rain overnight. The wet weather will continue throughout the weekend, aside from a dry but cloudy spell in the early hours of Saturday morning. Temperatures are expected to drop to around 16C by Sunday.

Stirling will stay dry but cloudy today, with intermittent heavy rain and thunderstorms developing on Saturday afternoon and sticking around on Sunday.

Hot and wet in the north

Further north, Dundee’s sunshine will disappear by around 2pm this afternoon, replaced by cloud and possible heavy showers for the rest of the day. Temperatures should stay in the high teens or low 20s. In the wee hours, heavy rain will fall, returning on Saturday afternoon, with the possibility of thunderstorms.

After a cloudy day with some sunny intervals, Aberdeen’s heavy rain is due to begin at 6pm tonight, continuing right through the night until mid-morning on Saturday. The sun is expected to come back briefly on Saturday evening, before cloud and heavy rain return during Sunday.

Inverness will experience extremely hot temperatures today (up to 27C), but very little sunshine, staying dry throughout. However, heavy rain is expected to fall from around 5am on Saturday until 11am, and then intermittently throughout the weekend.

Thunderstorms in the Borders

There will be more of the same in the Borders. Galashiels is due to stay dry today, with some sunny intervals and temperatures of up to 25C, but thunderstorms will being in the small hours of Saturday morning, reappearing throughout the day. Temperatures will drop rapidly thanks to the rainfall.

Dumfries will see some rain tonight, but showers should stay light on Saturday, getting heavier on Sunday.