Watch as Edinburgh MP's office hit by waves of floodwater in Corstorphine

Waves were lapping up against Christine Jardine's office.
Waves were lapping up against Christine Jardine's office.
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Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine posted amazing footage on Twitter of flash flooding lapping at the windows of her office on St John's Road in Corstorphine,

The Liberal Democrat MP said: "Our office is right at the foot of Clermiston Road and it came down in waves to meet with the water that was already standing on St John's Road.

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"Every time a car went past it sent more waves towards our windows. Within minutes it was four inches deep.

"I actually took the mattress off a sofabed we have in the office here just to block the door and keep the water out and we turned off all the electricity as a precaution.

"I'd say the whole thing lasted half an hour before the water was away again but it just shows how quickly these things can happen.

"There will be a lot pf people could quite easily be coming home tonight to find their homes have been flooded."

And she urged constituents to get in touch if they need support.

"If anyone has any issues then clearly they should be getting in touch with thweir insurers in the first instance but we will offer any advice and support we can. "