Scotland's weather: Blizzards warning with up to 15cm of snow forecast

Freezing conditions will return tonight with snow and ice warnings issued for the north and south of Scotland

Yellow - "be aware" - severe warnings in force overnight. Picture: Met Office
Yellow - "be aware" - severe warnings in force overnight. Picture: Met Office

The Met Office today issued a further severe weather alert for inland southern Scotland south of the Central Belt for 1am to 11am tomorrow.

It follows a similar level warning - yellow/be aware - being announced for the Highlands, northern Hebrides and much of Aberdeenshire from 6pm tonight to noon tomorrow.

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The agency said Icy stretches were possible across southern Scotland early on Sunday.

A spokeswoman said: "Following clearance of overnight rain and snow, ice may form quite widely, primarily on untreated surfaces.

"A cover of 1-2cm snow may also affect some upland routes, chiefly above 300m.

"There will probably be ice on some untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths, making for slower journeys.

"There is an increased likelihood of accidents and/or injuries from falls.

In the north, up to 15cm of snow is expected to fall, and up to 5cm at lower levels above 100m.

The Met Office spokeswoman said: "Snow and ice is expected across northern Scotland, with blizzards possible on high ground.

"Rain across northern Scotland on Saturday evening will turn increasingly to snow, at first over hills and then down to lower levels through the course of Saturday night.

"Strong northerly winds will lead to blizzard conditions and drifting over high ground, where 10 to 15cm of fresh snow may accumulate.

"At lower levels, 2 to 5cm is possible, mainly inland and above 100m.

"Some transport likely to be affected by snow, leading to potentially longer journey times.

"Icy surfaces on roads and pavements could lead to an increased likelihood of accidents and injuries."