Scotland's rain will dry up just in time for the weekend

It may feel like the summer heatwave is over for Scotland, but at least the rain isn't expected to ruin the coming weekend, according to the Met Office.

Scotland should stay dry this weekend, but don't hold out hope for much sunshine (Photo: Shutterstock)
Scotland should stay dry this weekend, but don't hold out hope for much sunshine (Photo: Shutterstock)

After weeks of sunny days and high temperatures, cloud and even some showers have descended on Scotland, but the wet weather looks set to clear up over the course of today, leaving Saturday and Sunday dry.

Temperatures will remain warm throughout the weekend, reaching highs of around 22C at points.

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Not much sunshine on Leith (or the rest of Edinburgh)

While Friday (20 July) brought showers and dense cloud to Scotland’s capital city, things look set to dry off this afternoon, with the chances of rain lowered to around 10 per cent by 9pm.

Unfortunately, forecasts suggest there won’t be many breaks in the cloud cover during the weekend, although there will be some sunny spells late on Saturday afternoon and into the evening, as well as in the mid-morning on Sunday.

Some may be happy to hear that it will still be t-shirt weather in Edinburgh, with temperatures of 20C expected on Saturday evening, and 22C on Sunday afternoon. The chances of rain are as low as five per cent for much of the weekend, meaning you can probably feel confident in leaving your umbrella at home.

Things heat up again in Glasgow

Things look similar over on the west coast, with Glasgow’s heavy rain due to clear up by around 4pm this afternoon. Temperatures will climb again, up to around 20C in the mid and late afternoon on Saturday, when some sunshine will break through the clouds.

The skies may look more ominous throughout Sunday, but it will still be warm (highs of 19C), and the chances of rain are still relatively low (around 20 per cent), meaning Glasgow residents can still get out and about.

A mixed forecast above the central belt

Further north, Dundee will see some sunny spells in the afternoon and evening on Saturday, and the cloud looks set to clear completely by around 4pm on Sunday, leaving locals free to sunbathe in the 22C heat.

Aberdeen, on the other hand, can expect to see very little sunshine this weekend, as well as slightly lower temperatures of around 16C on Saturday, climbing to highs of 20C on Sunday. While it may be a cloudy one, the rain should hold off until Monday morning.

Conditions will be warm in Inverness on Saturday (highs of 20C), with sunny spells throughout the afternoon and early evening. Temperatures will remain high throughout Sunday, although constant cloud is expected.

Cloud cover across the Borders

Those in Galashiels this weekend can look forward to some sunshine breaking through the clouds during Saturday afternoon and clear skies at around 7pm, with highs of 20C. Sunday will stay hot, reaching up to 22C in the late afternoon.

Elsewhere in the Borders, Kelso won’t see as much sunshine, but will still enjoy dry weather and temperatures of up to 20C on Saturday, climbing as high as 24C on Sunday afternoon.

Dumfries is experiencing heavier rain than much of Scotland today, but this is expected to dry up by the evening. Temperatures will creep up to around 20C over the weekend, but thick cloud is expected, with very little sunshine breaking through.