Is Scotland set for a mini April heatwave?

Warm air from Africa is giving Scottish weather a much needed boost, with temperatures set to rise to 20 degrees in some parts of the country - but how long will it last?

Mild air has been pushed up from Africa and has raised temperatures across much of Europe and the UK. Aberdeenshire will experience the best weather today with a maximum temperature of 20 degrees forecast.

The Capital will have its warmest day this year today with temperatures reaching 18 degrees in Edinburgh. Glasgow will be slightly cooler at 17 degrees.

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The North-West will miss out on the dizzyingly warm weather with rainy showers forecaster later today but temperatures are still higher than average for April at 14 degrees.

Sunny weather brings people to Portobello Beach. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

On Friday, temperatures are set to be lower all round the country. Aberdeen will take the lead again tomorrow, but with a slightly cooler 17 degrees. Edinburgh and Glasgow are both set to have maximums of 16 degrees.

The North-West will be cooler again and will experience sporadic showers.

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The borders region will be slightly warmer than the central belt with Jedburgh set to reach 17 degrees tomorrow, but may experience thunderstorms on Saturday.

Sunny weather brings people to Portobello Beach. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

By the weekend the mini-heatwave will be back with slightly warmer temperatures forecast than Friday. Although this warm weather may bring some rain with it.

Temperatures will still be well above average in Edinburgh at 15 degrees. The average for this time of year is only 7 degrees.

Aberdeen will stay unseasonably warm with temperatures to reach 14 degrees over the weekend but with some showers mixed in.

These showers are not just confined to Aberdeen though, as the rest of the country is forecast for showers and thunderstorms in some places.

High temperatures are set to taper off gradually next week.