Scotland looks forward to the hottest and sunniest day of this week

Scotland will welcome back the sunshine with open arms today (Thursday 26 July), as the country looks forward to the highest temperatures of the week.

Inverness will see some of the highest temperatures in Scotland today (Photo: Shutterstock)
Inverness will see some of the highest temperatures in Scotland today (Photo: Shutterstock)

Temperatures in the mid-20s can be expected across the board throughout this afternoon and into the evening, after things start to heat up around lunchtime.

Sun in the Central Belt

With not a cloud in the sky all day, Edinburgh temperatures will peak at around 25C at 2pm, and things will only drop down to a slightly cooler 23C at 9pm. Locals may experience some light showers after that time, but the night will still be an extremely warm one.

The forecast looks similar in Glasgow, although no rain is predicted, and residents will be treated to scorching sunshine all day. Temperatures will reach 23C by around 1pm, and stay consistent until 8pm. The heat is not expected to drop below 20C, even by 11pm.

A little cloud for the Borders

In the Borders, Galashiels can expect more cloud cover than the rest of the country this morning and in the early afternoon, but this will burn off by 1pm, allowing the sun to shine and the temperature to rise to a high of 24C for most of the afternoon.

Nearby Dumfries will be similarly hot and sunny, with just a little cloud coming over the area at around 9pm.

The best and worst weather in the north

Further north, Aberdeen will enjoy a sunny morning, but the city will turn cloudy in the afternoon, with just some occasional bursts of sunshine. Temperatures will be much lower here than in other parts of Scotland, with a consistent high of just 17C for much of the day.

In Dundee, locals can expect cloudy skies for the first portion of the day, but this will clear by 2pm, leaving clear and sunny conditions. Temperatures will peak at 20C in the early afternoon, before settling at around 19C for much of the day.

Inverness will arguably have some of the best weather in the country today, with very hot conditions and clear, sunny skies. For much of the day, thermometers will be measuring in at 26C, with temperatures remaining around the 20C mark even after the sun sets.

Pay attention to UV rays

Anyone heading outside in Scotland today should pay attention to the UV forecast in their local area. The majority of locations will experience high levels of UV radiation, and should protect themselves accordingly.

Sunlight is the main source of ultraviolet (UV) rays, which is why conditions are most dangerous on sunny days.

The aim of the UV index is to warn people of increased risk, and encourage them change their behaviour in order to protect themselves against the risks of skin cancer, skin damage and other health problems.

The position of the sun in the sky, cloud cover and ozone amounts in the stratosphere all play a part in determining the UV index each day.

The UV index does not exceed eight in the UK, but in locations like the Mediterranean, nine and 10 are common.