Picturesque Scots village once home to outlaw Rob Roy ravaged by landslide

Some of the damage caused by the landslide
Some of the damage caused by the landslide
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These shocking pictures show a picturesque village once home to Scots outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor ravaged by a landslide.

Horrific images show cars washed away and homes destroyed after heavy rain caused a landslide at Loch Katrine in Stirling.

Some of the damage caused by the landslide

Some of the damage caused by the landslide

Police said the incident occurred at 6am on Monday and 14 people were evacuated, but there were no casualties.

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Some parts of the area are now only accessible by boat after roads were destroyed by the large mudslide near Glengyle House, built by Rob Roy.

Glengyle sits at the northern end of Loch Katrine and it is a hotspot for heritage hunters embarking on the trail of the infamous outlaw.

Emergency teams are working to restore electricity and phone lines around the area.

A resident surveys the landslide damage

A resident surveys the landslide damage

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: "Officers continue to support a multiagency response after heavy rainfall caused landslides on the banks of Loch Katrine.

"The landslides occurred in the early hours of Monday 5 August and emergency response has been ongoing since this morning.

"Teams are working to restore power to a small number of properties which have been affected and there remains a road closure between Glengyle House and Portnellan.

"Fourteen people evacuated properties prior to and during the landslides and there are no reports of any casualties.

Emergency services help with the landslide clean-up

Emergency services help with the landslide clean-up

"There are currently no concerns over the infrastructure of Loch Katrine. However, members of the public are asked to avoid the affected area until further notice.

"The road to Trossachs Pier remains open and local businesses are unaffected."

A local cafe owner spoke of his shock at the devastation caused by the landslides.

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Brian Graham, who runs The Pier Cafe in Stronachlachar, Stirling, said he has lost business due to the bad weather.

Mr Graham, 40, said: "So many of the properties have been destroyed in the area.

"People had to walk several miles until they got a phone signal to call the police.

"There is not a great signal here.

"There have been multiple landslides and the damage will affect my business and tourism in the area.

"The cafe is based at Stronachlachar and our main customers are cyclists and they can't cycle because the road near here is blocked. That means we are going to lose business.

"I had to walk to work this morning.

"There is a couple that lives at Glengyle House and the only way they can leave the property is by boat. The road there is destroyed.

"People have had no electricity, telephone lines and water until last night.

"Glengyle is the most affected, It's devastating.

"A holiday homeowner said it looks like a bomb has hit them. Everyone is devastated but we have a community spirit here.

"My neighbour let people in to eat and shower."

Ralf Woolfe, 76, who lives near Glengyle said the area was "a disaster zone" and people were lucky to escape with their lives.

He said: "I was on the phone to my daughter and it cut off.

"I looked out the window and thought 'there's not usually water there'.

"Glengyle is just a disaster zone. I've seen a car in against the trees.

"There's a lot of big boulders all over the place.

"It is lucky that someone didn't die."