Award winning Kirkcaldy cafe closes due to floods

Popular Kirkcaldy cafe, The Bakers Field, has shut its doors indefinitely due to Mondays heavy rain and flash flooding.

Roslyn Fawns
Roslyn Fawns

The cafe on Tollbooth Street in the town centre has suffered extensive damage to the roof and interior from severe water damage during Mondays storm.

Owner Roslyn Fawns discovered the flood when she was preparing to open the cafe for its first ever book club meeting. Roslyn recalled her shock when she entered the cafe: “It was horrendous, the hall, toilets and pantry were all flooded with water coming through the roof.”

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The flooding was so bad that Roslyn was careful not to touch anything electrical: “The water was cascading down the walls and over the light switches and sockets, I was scared that I was going to be electrocuted.

Esplanade flooding at Bakers Field cafe

“I was trying to catch the water in 50 litre buckets, but there was so much water coming through the roof I couldn’t keep up, it was even pouring over the boiler.”

The Bakers Field, which has recently won accolades for its vegetarian and vegan menu is also a community hub for craft workshops and charity fund raisers.

Roslyn said: “This couldn’t have happened at a worse time, we have just extended our service to evenings with a tapas menu and are due to celebrate our first anniversary tomorrow, it has really thrown a spanner in the works.

“When I seen the roof of the cafe from my flat window, it looked like a swimming pool. When we moved in last year, we had the roof surveyed and had repairs done then, so it just shows how much water came down on Monday to cause this much damage.”

Flooding on Bakers Field cafe roof

When asked if Roslyn knew when The Bakers Field would be open again, she said: “Hopefully it will only take a few weeks, but if it takes any longer than that our insurance providers have been really good and offered to find us temporary premises whilst the cafe undergoes repairs.”

Flooding inside Bakers Field cafe