Waterworld repair bill rises again

THE cost of repairs and improvements to the troubled Leith Waterworld leisure complex has soared to more than £270,000, it emerged today.

Edinburgh City Council had already earmarked 200,000 to be spent on work needed to reopen the controversial centre next April.

But officials say it needs another 73,000 to pay for other improvements such as a soft play area for children and new water features for toddlers in the pool.

Around 23,000 is to be spent on equipment needed to clean and heat the pool.

The Evening News revealed earlier this year that taxpayers had been left to foot the repair bill after the council scrapped plans to take the company which built the complex to court.

The authority agreed to accept the Walker Group’s offer of 50,000 after it was discovered that council officials may have known about problems with the complex in 1992, the year it opened, but appeared to have done nothing about them.

It also emerged that the council could do nothing about the Walker Group’s claims that the pool was not properly looked after because of "incomplete records".

Leith Waterworld was forced to close its doors two years ago after tiles were found to be coming away from the walls.

Further checks revealed rusting walkways, cracked walls, and both mechanical and electrical faults.