Watch Andy Murray interview ‘himself’ ahead of Wimbledon

Picture: Andy Murray, TSPL
Picture: Andy Murray, TSPL
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Hilarious footage has been shared by Andy Murray interviewing impressionist Josh Berry, who was acting as the tennis star.

The video, which was shared by Andy on his Facebook page shows him acting as an interviewer to ‘himself’ as he asks a series of questions about his preparations for Wimbledon, which starts next week.

The short video starts with Andy asking: “ Andy, how you doing?”

Josh, who has not only mastered the Wimbledon champions voice but his mannerisms too, replies: “Yeah you know, I’m feeling great just now, I’m really happy to be preparing for Wimbledon, it’s been, yeah it’s been great.”

The real Andy then asks: “And how have preparations for Wimbledon been going? You feeling good?”

Speaking with Andy’s recognisable burr, Josh answers: “Yeah, you know I’ve been trying mostly to sort of um, you know, work on my voice a little bit as well as the tennis so yeah, it’s been going okay. I’ve got a view injuries but you know, I should be alright by the time Monday comes around.” Andy ends by saying: “You’ve done some good work on the voice there, well done.”

Posted yesterday, Andy commented “Took talking to myself to a whole new level today.”

And fans have been quick to comment with Linda Macmillan saying: “Who says Andy hasn’t a sense of humour. Go Andy. Good luck and I’ll be hitting every tennis ball with you!”

Heather Smith Thomassen said: “Hilarious. Andy is never afraid to laugh at himself. A true sport in every sense of the word x”

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