Waste station starts work on hitting targets

A NEW waste transfer station for East Lothian has been officially opened.

The station has been designed to meet ambitious targets for waste disposal, refuse collection and recycling set by the European Union and the Scottish Government.

At the core of the facility are two waste transfer sheds. The first shed receives mixed waste collected from the domestic refuse collection service and from community recycling centres from which is recovered timber, scrap, cardboard and laminates that escaped the original recycling process. The remainder is then bulked to be transported for final treatment, separation, recovery and disposal.

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The second shed is used to separate, collect and store clean recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper, and plastics ready for transport and sale.

Cllr Barry Turner, the council's environment spokesman, said: "This is an impressive facility custom designed to meet East Lothian's waste disposal requirements well into the future."