Village’s crime level figures decrease by quarter in year

LEVELS of crime in the Midlothian village of Penicuik have fallen by 23 per cent over the last year, new police figures have revealed.

In 2010-11, there were 531 crimes compared with 691 in 2009-10 and vandalism also dropped in the last year with 173 crimes in 2010-11. This compared with 274 in 2009-10.

An information session is due to take place on Tuesday, October 30, at 7pm in Penicuik Town Hall, where Inspector Birrell will explain the call grading system the police use in a bid to allow the public to better understand how the force operates.

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Liz McAinsh, Midlothian police commander, said: “The engagement event is an excellent opportunity for Midlothian communities to come and speak openly and honestly with the police and local authority about the matters affecting them, while at the same time hear how both organisations carry out their day-to-day 

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