Video: Watch hilarious moment Scots couple capture mouse

Images: David Forsyth/YouTube
Images: David Forsyth/YouTube
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A VIDEO has emerged online showing the side-splitting moment a Scots couple caught a mouse in their kitchen.

**Warning: video clip contains foul language**

The hilarious clip, entitled ‘Mouse catcher - scottish version’, was filmed in an Amsterdam kitchen and uploaded to YouTube by Scots pair David Forsyth and his girlfriend Victoria.

Victoria stands petrified on a stool as she films David attempting to coax the rodent out from underneath an empty egg box. At one point she is handed a broom by David so she can “f****** bash it” should the mouse try to make a run for it.

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The nervy pair, who live in Amsterdam but hail from Paisley, rejoice when David finally manages to secure the mouse under a plastic container.

Clearly panicked, David then tells Victoria to “open the window, I’m just gonnae f****** launch it”.

Quoted in the Daily Mail, David says: “I don’t really like things like that so it did creep me out a bit, I just wanted it out of my apartment, so the best way was to catch it and let it go outside.

“That was me with one small mouse, I don’t think i’d quite cope in the I’m A Celebrity jungle.

“Mice are very common here but that’s the first time I’ve had one in my apartment. We’re in the middle of renovating the kitchen, hence the mess.

“I caught it and let it go outside safely, I haven’t seen it since.”

The expletive-laden upload comes with a disclaimer stating that ‘no mice or humans were harmed’ during the making of it.