Video: Thief steals Range Rover as owner stands feet away

A NEWSAGENT fears thieves have been spying on him after his home and shop were ­targeted in a two-day period.

Kashif Ather, owner of the Day-Today newsagent shop in Boswall Parkway. Picture: Jane Barlow

Criminals ransacked Kashif Ather’s ground-floor flat in Wardieburn Place East, snatching everything from valuables to clothing and shoes.

They struck again as Mr Ather closed up his shop on Boswall Parkway – stealing his Range Rover Sport, where he had just placed around £6500 of takings.

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Mr Ather and his wife, who does not wish to be named, returned from a shopping trip last Monday afternoon to find their flat turned upside down.

Kashif Ather, owner of the Day-Today newsagent shop in Boswall Parkway. Picture: Jane Barlow

A safe – containing up to £2500 cash and jewellery – had been prised from the floor, despite being bolted down underneath a filing cabinet in their bedroom, hidden from view.

The thieves also took electronic items and keys to the shop and car after breaking in through the back windows.

CCTV footage of the second incident last Wednesday shows Mr Ather closing up his Day-Today shop, pulling down the shutters and taking in displays from the street.

A man can be seen crossing the road, swigging from a bottle of beer and going around the corner, before walking past the shop, looking in the window and walking out of sight.

The Range Rover which was stolen

Around a minute later – at 9.50pm – another man runs across the road, gets into the black car and speeds off.

Mr Ather then walks back outside, sees his vehicle is gone and alerts police, while several witnesses stop to offer help.

The 46-year-old told the Evening News today that his home was also targeted by thieves in December 2013, and his car was vandalised last year.

“I believe that somebody is targeting us. Why?” he said. “Business is very tough, I am suffering. I came here in 2007, but now it is very difficult. The business is quiet, and this is troubling me.

The robbers smashed a window

“I’m still waiting to hear back from the police. We can’t sleep.”

Mr Ather, who has changed the locks of his shop and flat, had been parking the Range Rover in his friend’s garage after his spare keys were stolen.

He had planned to do the same on the night that his vehicle was taken, but needed to close up the shop first, so parked it directly outside.

Mr Ather hoped that his prized possession would be found quickly, as it did not have much diesel left in the tank.

A police spokesman said: “Police in Edinburgh are investigating a break-in and theft at an address in Wardieburn Place East on Monday, May 4. In addition, officers are looking into the theft of a black Range Rover with the registration BB07 MAB on Wednesday, May 6, at around 10pm from outside a grocery store on Boswall Parkway in the north of the city.

“Inquiries are ongoing.”