Video: Seoul vlogger Korean Billy explains the Glasgow accent

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A video by a Korean explaining the Glasgow dialect has racked up 200,000 views online in under 24 hours.

Seoul vlogger Korean Billy has created the explainer which discusses the nuances of the west coast accent for visitors arriving in Scotland.

Picture: Facebook

Picture: Facebook

In the 3 minute 40 clip, which includes Korean and English subtitles, he outlines Glasgow phrases and translates them into standard English.

Billy explains the meaning of phrases including troops, Baltic and ginger.

He says: “You might think Baltic refers to the Baltic Sea however here Baltic means cold. You can also say pure Baltic which means it is very cold.”

Billy also adds: “You may think the word troops is related to the military but here it means mates”.

And on Scotland’s national drink: “Ginger means a fizzy drink and they usually mean Irn Bru. So when people in Glasgow ask for ginger you can normally bring Irn Bru.”

The Korean video blogger, who has over 40,000 fans on Facebook, has also produced similar local dialect explainers for Liverpool, Wales and Newcastle.